Our Story

The story of how this project started is quiet simple, however, the journey was very much more memorable.

Our founder, Avrahm, was traveling over 50+ miles each way to work and back home. So he began to bring a basketball and appear with him so after work he could kill some time by playing basketball wherever he was. What he soon found out was how difficult that task would turn out to be. He knew it was not going to be easy to find people to play with, but what was even more daunting was how difficult it was to find a basketball court. After hours of searching he just went home and told himself maybe on a computer it'd be easier to find one.

“Helping people find places to play the sports they love.”

Checking Google turned up business listings or very inaccurate information, checking the local governments parks and recreations site was equally inaccurate because most didn't show you places to play just offered names of parks and addresses but no information on what those parks offered or how far they were from your area. This simple task turned into a project and now SportsVybe is live and ready to help people find the park or places to play the sports they love. Sign up for the beta today.

Our Mission is to improve the health in our community through fitness and sociability.

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